Wine Cellars

Expert Repair & Maintenance of Wine Cellars

Do you have a wine refrigerator or wine cellar that is not working correctly? Is it too warm or too cold? For wine cellar repair in the Phoenix area, call AC and Refrigeration. We will send out a NATE-certified technician to get your wine cellar or cooler restored to working order as soon as possible. 

    Common Wine Cellar Issues

    Keeping wine at its ideal temperature is paramount. If you notice a problem with your wine cellar, immediate action is recommended. Commonly reported problems with wine cellars include:

    • Temperature issues
    • Incorrect humidity level 
    • Controls not working
    • Cooler not cooling
    • Door not sealing
    • Compressor makes noise
    • Refrigerant/coolant leaks
    • Lighting problems

        Our Maintenance Program for Wine Cellars

        Proper storage is key to protecting your wine collection. Periodic maintenance is a preemptive strike that can pay for itself by preventing problems before they begin. A typical maintenance appointment with AC and Refrigeration includes the following equipment checks:

        • Check temperature
        • Check airflow
        • Check refrigerant pressure
        • Adjust thermostat 
        • Monitor cooling cycle
        • Tighten components
        • Measure volts/amps
        • Clean evaporator coil
        • Clean condensate drains
        • Inspect mechanical components

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