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    Why Is My AC Outside Unit Not Turning On?

    Why Is My AC Outside Unit Not Turning On?

    First check the thermostat is set to cool and set to at least 5 degrees below the current temperature in the home. Next check your circuit breakers.

    Broken AC in the summer time is a horrendous thing to come home to find.

    There’s a chance it was simply a incorrect setting or a blown fuse.

    In this post we will discuss what to do if your AC outside unit is not turning on.

     Why Is My AC Outside Unit Not Turning On?

    If the outside ac unit is not running but inside is, this post will help! Before calling for repair or an AC repair company there’s a few things you can check.  If the settings on your thermostat are wrong or of there was a power surge it could prevent your outside unit from turning on.

    1. First of which is making sure that your thermostat is set to on.
    2. Second that it is set to cool.
    3. Third that it is set to a temperature lower than the current temperature in the house.
    4. Next you can check your breaker box for blown circuits or fuses.
    5. Finally, you can check your AC shutoff box which is usually near the outside AC unit.

    Recurring Blown Fuses & Tripped Circuits

    It is important to note that even if resetting a breaker or replacing a fuse does solve the problem if it keeps happening, you need it looked at by a professional.  Recurring problems with the fuses or breakers is a sigh that there’s more going wrong.  Your outside unit may be short circuiting, overheating, or pulling too much electricity.

    Resetting Thermostat Inside

    The thermostat inside your home that shows the temperature and allows you to set what temperature you want can prevent your outside AC unit from turning on.  Resetting the thermostat may reset the system and turn the AC unit outside back on.  To do this follow these easy steps.

    Step 1: Set your thermostat to “Off”

    Step 2: Allow about 10 minutes to pass

    Step 3: Set your thermostat back to “Cool”

    AC Emergency Shut Off Boxes

    One of the places that can prevent your ac unit outside from turning on is the emergency shut off box.  This is a box installed on the wall of the property near the AC unit.  Generally it hinges at the top and you’ll be able to lift it open.  Sometimes there is a lock to prevent people from tampering with it.  If there is a lock find the key or contact the property owner.  Once inside the box check it to make sure it’s in the “on” position.

    Indoor Power Switches

    Some systems have an option switch indoors that controls the power to the blower.  This switch might appear as a light switch and could easily be turned off by accident.  If this is off it will cause the unit inside your home to freeze up.  If this happens it will shut off the entire system including your ac outside unit.

    • Make sure this switch is on
    • Check condensate drain lines for clogs or problems

    The drain lines channel condensation away from the ac unit.  This is a necessary and vital part of your ac system.  If it is clogged it will shut down your AC system automatically with a safety switch.  In some cases homeowners can suck out clogs with a wet dry vacuum.

    Phoenix Valley Home AC Repair

    If you’ve got a AC outside unit not turning on, our team can help with AC repair!  AC & Refrigeration specializes  in the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning systems in the Phoenix Valley.  Don’t spend your days and nights sweating it out.  Allow our team to track down the reason your AC isn’t cooling off your home and keeping you comfortable.

    Call 602-488-7161 or Contact Us

    If you’ve noticed leaks coming from your AC click here: 10 Reasons Your AC Unit Leaks Water Inside & Outside

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