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Expert A/C Repair & Maintenance Services

Air conditioning is an absolute necessity here in the Phoenix area, and it can be a nightmare when your HVAC unit breaks down. AC and Refrigeration offers a full menu of residential and commercial A/C repair services to keep you cool and comfortable when the mercury begins to rise.

A/C Repair Services

Years of experience and excellent training help our air conditioning experts identify and fix problems quickly. Our A/C repair services are available for every brand of air conditioning equipment, including the following:

  • Trane
  • Rheem
  • Goodman
  • York
  • Goettl
  • Payne
  • Amana
  • Day n Night
  • Daikan
  • Fujitsu

Because we service every brand, you can count on us to have the parts and equipment required for fast A/C repair services.

Residential Maintenance

AC and Refrigeration Service Agreements

We agree to provide you with one * (1) or two (2) Precision Tune-Ups and Safety Inspections per year as described below to help provide a comfortable, energy efficient, and safe indoor environment.  * Based upon which plan the customer choses.

The following information applies to multiple service agreements.  Some agreements are for residential homes and or light Commercial Properties.  Not all equipment are alike nor have all the exact same needs, so the following inspections will only apply to your particular equipment.  This a general description of what to expect from our service professionals and the scope of work that is generally performed at your service visits and is also based on the time of year when you schedule your appointment.  Our service programs are heavily discounted, so if a change is requested, this must be requested within the first 30 days of purchase.

Which Residential Maintenance Plan is Best For You? Choose 1 out of 3 options (see below) Need Commercial Services? see below for details

  • Residential Annual Plan includes (Comfort Club) $179 per system
    1. One (1) Tune-up visits per year. (Spring Or Fall, Customer’s Choice)
    2. Basic Outdoor Coil Rinse
    3. 5% discounts on parts and labor for repairs (Even if you don’t follow our recommendations).
  • Residential Bi-Annual Plan includes (Comfort Club) $299 per system
     Two (2) Tune-up visits per year. One in Spring and one in the Fall
    2. 5% discounts on parts and labor for repairs (Even if you don’t follow our recommendations).
  • Residential / Commercial ~ 20 Point Inspection $99 per system (Commonly purchased by Realtors, Investors and New Home Buyers) – One (1) Unit 20 Point Inspection (no discounts) Diagnostic Report is issued on the current performance of the unit.

Commercial Maintenance


  • Commercial Annual Plan includes (Comfort Club) $179 per system
    1. One (1) Tune-up visits per year. (Spring Or Fall, Customer’s Choice)
    2. Basic Outdoor Coil Rinse
    3. 5% discounts on parts and labor for repairs (Even if you don’t follow our recommendations).
  • Commercial Bi-Annual Plan includes (Comfort Club) $299 per system
    1. Two (2) Tune-up visits per year. (During Spring & Fall Season) 
    2. 5% discounts on parts and labor for repairs (Even if you don’t follow our recommendations) “During semi-annual inspections, tech will change filters if provided by the tenant.”

Comfort Club Maintenance Checklist

1. Thermostat
2. Control Board
3. Wiring
4. Fuses
5. Start Device
6. Run Capacitors
7. Refrigerant Line
8. Refrigerant Pressures
9. Superheat and Sub-Cooling
10. Exiting and Returning Air Temp
11. Amp Draw of Indoor Fan Motor and Compressor
12. Blower Wheel
13. Indoor Coils
14. Air Handler/Furnace/Package Unit Level and Support
15. Air Handler/Furnace Elbow or Transition Air Leaks
16. Condensate Drain Lines
17. Rinse off Outdoor Condensing Unit & Coils
18. Duct System
19. Operation of Condensate Overflow Prevention Switch
20. Metering Device
21. Condition of Attic Insulation
22. Drain Pans
23. Operation of Reversing Valve
24. Outdoor Fan Blade and Hub
25. Condition of House Electrical Panel
26. Service Disconnect and Breakers
27. Tighten Electrical Breakers

Annual 20 Point Inspection Checklist

*  Proper Refrigerant Charge
* Compressor and Fan Amps
* Condenser Coil
* Capacitors
* Contactor Points
* Brush Out Electrical Cabinet
* All Caps and Valves for Leaks
* Thermostat Operation and Mounting
* Blower Amps
* Heat Strip Amps
* Circuit Components
* Safeties
* Evaporator Coil
* Blower Wheel
* Change/Wash Customer Supplied Filter
* Temperature Splits
* Lubricate All Moving Parts
* Float Switch Operation
* Clean Equipment Exterior
* Report Necessary Improvements
* Inspection Reminders for Following Year

$99 per system NO Discounts
     – One (1) Unit Inspection (Spring or Fall)

    A/C Maintenance Protection Plans


    Our residential maintenance agreements are designed to prolong the life of your air conditioning unit and help it continue to function efficiently. Help your A/C unit last longer by taking great care of it. Well-maintained air conditioners can stay operational almost twice as long as neglected equipment. Inexpensive A/C tune-ups are a great investment because they can help you go longer without replacing your air conditioner.

    A broken air conditioner can lead quickly to a hot and uncomfortable home, so it’s best to avoid that situation altogether. We’ll send experienced HVAC contractors to your home on a regular basis to run tests, perform inspections and make sure everything is working as efficiently as possible. Our A/C tune-ups will help keep your monthly energy bills low and prevent costly repairs.

    Choosing a service agreement brings numerous benefits to you, making sure you get the best care for your HVAC system. It’s all about giving you a worry-free experience and ensuring your peace of mind.

    Preventative Maintenance:
    Regular, scheduled maintenance visits included in the service agreement helps prevent potential issues. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of unexpected breakdowns and ensures the continuous, reliable operation of the HVAC system.

    Extended Equipment Lifespan:
    Regular maintenance increases the longevity of HVAC equipment. Customers can enjoy an extended lifespan for their heating and cooling systems, delaying the need for costly replacements and upgrades.

    Energy Efficiency:
    Well-maintained HVAC systems operate more efficiently. With regular service, customers can experience improved energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

    Priority Service:
    Service agreement holders receive priority scheduling. This ensures prompt attention from your technicians, especially during peak seasons or emergency situations, minimizing downtime and discomfort.

    Cost Savings on Repairs:
    Service agreements include a 5% discount on parts and labor for any necessary repairs. This can result in significant cost savings over time, making HVAC maintenance more budget-friendly for customers.

    Budget Predictability:
    Service agreements provide a predictable cost structure for maintenance. This allows customers to budget effectively for their HVAC needs without the uncertainty of unexpected repair costs.

    Compliance with Manufacturer Warranties:
    Regular maintenance is often a requirement for maintaining manufacturer warranties. Having a service agreement ensures that customers meet these obligations, protecting their investment and potential warranty claims.

    Enhanced Indoor Air Quality:
    Regular maintenance includes tasks such as cleaning or replacing air filters, which directly contributes to improved indoor air quality. This is especially crucial for customers concerned about allergens and pollutants in their living spaces.

    Peace of Mind:
    Knowing that their HVAC system is regularly monitored and maintained provides customers with peace of mind. They can trust that potential issues are identified early, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and the associated stress.

    Expert Advice and Consultation:
    Service agreement holders have access to expert advice from HVAC professionals. This includes recommendations for energy-efficient upgrades, system optimizations, and guidance on how to get the most out of their HVAC equipment.

    Flexible Payment Option:
    Our service agreements offer flexible payment options, making it easier for customers to spread the cost of maintenance throughout the year. This can be particularly advantageous for budget-conscious individuals.

    Comprehensive System Checks:
    Service agreements cover a comprehensive list of system checks, ensuring that all critical components are inspected and maintained. This thorough approach contributes to the overall health and performance of the HVAC system.

    Documentation and Record-Keeping:
    Service agreements include detailed documentation of maintenance activities. This record-keeping is valuable for both the customer and your company, providing a history of services performed and aiding in troubleshooting if issues arise.

    Customized Maintenance Plans:
    Service agreements can be tailored to the specific needs of the customer and their HVAC system. This customization ensures that the maintenance plan aligns with the unique requirements of their equipment and usage patterns.

    Emergency Services Coverage:
    Service agreements include emergency services coverage. This means that in the event of an HVAC emergency, the customer receives expedited service without incurring additional emergency service fees.

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