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A/C Tune-up & Maintenance Checklist

We give you peace of mind with our expert HVAC/air conditioner tune-up and maintenance package. Make sure and ask our service technician about SRP and APS utility rebates. ACandRefrigeration is A+ rated with the BBB. Be sure to ask one of our customer service representatives or your service technician if there are any additional APS or SRP utility rebates available for your tune-up.

Air Conditioner Tune-Up Includes:

  • Check operation of thermostat and replace if needed
  • Clean or replace air filter (supplied by customer)
  • Check AC system temperature split
  • Inspect fuses and circuits
  • Disconnect inspection
  • Inspect AC wiring
  • Tighten loose electrical connections
  • Inspect relays, contractors and pressure controls
  • Check amperage and voltage to all AC motors
  • Inspect indoor motor and blow for debris buildup
  • Lubricate all moving parts (when needed) and inspect bearings
  • Condensate drain inspection
  • Outdoor coil inspection
  • Test and run system
  • Duct seal inspection at unit
  • Secure panels

Note: Depending on the type of AC or HVAC unit you have, more steps may be needed.

To schedule your A/C  tune-up by phone, please give us a call 602-488-7161 or fill out our contact form to schedule your tune-up request online!

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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration offers routine Air conditioner maintenance, air conditioner tune-ups, refrigeration equipment maintenance and tune-ups and HVAC system tune-ups and maintenance for our Phoenix, Arizona clients. Regular maintenance of your refrigeration and HVAC systems can help prevent equipment breakdowns. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect and test your equipment to keep it functioning at its best.

ice machine repair

Similar to routine automobile maintenance, preventative maintenance is crucial in order to extend the life of your refrigeration and HVAC systems. Our preventative maintenance services can help you save major repair costs that are often due to equipment neglect. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can help make sure your refrigeration and HVAC systems are running efficiently and this can help decrease costly energy bills.


The last thing you want or need is a failure on your equipment that could have been prevented by a good preventative maintenance program. Your HVAC & refrigeration equipment is no different than your car. If you don’t give it routine maintenance you will shorten its life span and have very costly break downs that could have been avoided. You wouldn’t buy a car and not change the oil, belts, hoses, transmission fluid, brakes, or do a routine tune up would you? So why do so many people do this to their HVAC or refrigeration equipment?

ac repair

Don’t be like most people and fail to do A/C maintenance. The end result will be costly repairs and replacing your unit before it’s life expectancy is due. For more information about Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Agreements, call (602) 488-7161

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For more information about Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance Agreements, call (602) 488-7161

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We service brands such as American Standard, Beverage Air, Bryant Refrigeration, Continental, Everest, Heil, Hobart, Hoshizaki, Hubbard, Ice O Matic, McCall, Manitowoc, Randell, Silverking, Scotsman, Traulsen, True Manufactoring, Turbo Air, Victory, Vollrath.

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