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    Why is My Outside Air Conditioner Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

    Why is My Outside Air Conditioner Making a Loud Buzzing Noise?

    Electrical issues are the main cause of outside air conditioners making loud buzzing noises. However, outside air conditioners make a loud buzzing noise when there’s a problem with the compressor, relay switch, damaged to isolation feet, it’s got loose parts, or it’s frozen.

    During the hotter months of the year it’s nearly impossible to enjoy being home without good air conditioning. If your outside AC making loud noise continues it should be professionally inspected to prevent damage. This post will talk about some of the reasons an outside air conditioner makes loud buzzing noises.

    There are various noises a central air conditioner can make. However, one of the more startling noises occur outside. If your air conditioner is making a buzzing noise that is loud enough to become a distraction in your home, chances are that something is wrong with your unit. Learn more about the causes below.


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    Causes of Air Conditioners Making Loud Buzzing Noises

    If you find the A/C unit is creating a loud buzzing noise, and it’s a distraction within the home, it’s a likely chance that your unit is experiencing some issues. However, what that problem could be is the question, below are some of the possible issues that could be wrong with the unit when hearing a loud buzzing:

    • Compressor is malfunctioning. An air conditioning compressor allows the unit to work property, as it is the part controlling the entire cooling system by pressurizing and cooling refrigerant within the unit. If you hear a loud buzzing from the compressor (outside unit), then it could be malfunctioning, or it could be a sign electrical voltage to the unit is not the correct amperage needed.
    • Contactor relay switch.The thermostat controls the outside unit with a low-voltage switch. It works by switching high voltage on and/or off to the compressor in the outside unit. Compared to other parts, a thermostat is an inexpensive replacement.
    • Damaged or missing isolation feet. The air conditioner compressor will be mounted within the A/C unit base which had rubber feet known as isolation feet. With continued user over time, these rubber isolation feet will often become disintegrated and/or cracked which causes the compressor to get loud due to unbalancing, and when operating it may buzz.
    • AC unit is frozen. Although the purpose of an A/C unit is for use through the hottest days of the summer, they often freeze. The freezing occurs due to a leak in the refrigerant line, which may result in a buzzing noise from being emitted from the outside unit.
    • Parts Loose. Another issue within air conditioners is a loose part. Due to the complex system with all the moving parts, if one of the parts gets loose, it throws off the syncing of the entire unit. This can result in other parts breaking or wearing prematurely, and can make a buzzing sound.
    • Condenser fan motor. The condenser fan is the big fan you can see inside the unit outside. If you have the blower turned on and the fan is not moving, the noise could be coming from the fan motor.

    If you have found any of the above issues to be the cause of your unit not working properly, or making loud noises, you need to contact a local air conditioner specialist to correct the issue.

    Causes Of Air Conditioning Making Noise

    Your air conditioner may not have anything wrong just because it is making noises. Although, if any of the following are being created from the A/C unit, the best approach is to contact a licensed HVAC professional to get the system inspected:

    Squealing Noises

    If the unit is creating a squealing noise, it could be the belt which connects the blower and motor. It may have broken, or simply slipped off. It could also be bearings on the condenser fan motor needing replaced due to wear.

    Banging or Clanking Noises

    If these sounds are being headed from the outside unit, it is often the motor or blower assembly.

    Clicking Noises

    When switching the unit on or off, if there is a clicking noise, this is normal sounds. However, a repetitive clicking sounds could be a defective relay.

    Rattling Noises

    If you hear rattling, it is often a sign that part of the air conditioner has gotten loose. With this sound, the louder the rattling, the more serious the issue can be.

    Humming Noises

    When humming, it can be a sign of the starting capacitor beginning to fail, or the motor could be needing a repair.

    Screaming Noises

    Does your air conditioner unit seem to be screaming at you? If so, this is a sign the compressor might be going bad.

    How To Fix Air Conditioner Making Loud Buzzing Noise

    If your air conditioner unit is putting off a loud buzzing noise, the only way to correct the issue is to turn the A/C unit off, then call a professional air condition repair specialist to have it inspected and repaired.

    Even with making noises, your unit may cool the house down. However, this does not mean it is safe to operate. By operating the air conditioner when it has an issue can result in more damages and increase the repair costs. Its better to be on the safe side.

    Buzzing Air Conditioner Repair In Phoenix

    Do you live or work in the Phoenix Valley and have an outside air conditioner that’s making a loud buzzing noise? A/C & Refrigeration Co. can help! We provide award-winning air conditioning repair services to Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas like Fountain Hills, Tempe, Glendale, Paradise Valley and Scottsdale.


    A/C & Refrigeration Co offers affordable air conditioning repair in Phoenix, Arizona and sourounding cities.

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  • Posted by Lilia Robberts on June 28, 2018, 1:43 pm

    My air conditioning hasn’t been running very well recently. Thank you for sharing that if my ac is making loud noises that it is safest to turn it off. My air conditioning has been making weird noises, so now I know I need to look into getting it repaired.

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  • Posted by Kit Hannigan on September 11, 2018, 12:46 am

    Thanks for explaining how loose parts can throw off the syncing of my AC unit which results in a buzzing sound. I think my unit works just fine and cools us off no problem. But recently, I’ve heard this really low buzzing sound that I am sure it didn’t make before. It has become quite irritating so I’ll be sure to look for professional air conditioning repair services to fix it back to tip-top condition.

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  • Posted by Kit Hannigan on October 12, 2018, 6:31 am

    I’m glad that you mentioned how an incorrect voltage running through my AC unit can cause a loud buzzing sound. Our air conditioning unit’s exterior does this low-pitched humming sound and its quite worrying listening to that thing. I will be sure to go look for reputable AC repair services to have a look at its electrical wiring before the problem progresses into something more serious.

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  • Posted by Shahbaz Anshari on November 27, 2018, 5:43 am

    Thanks for the solution to fix the noisy air conditioner. my air conditioner makes the a lot of noise. I will try this solution to make the reduce the noise.

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