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    How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost?

    How Much Does HVAC Replacement Cost?

    HVAC Replacement Costs

    On average, HVAC replacement costs $7,918, with prices ranging from $3,250 to $12,586 for the US in 2020 according to Moderize.com. The cost of installation depends on the size of the house, if you’re installing a central A/C unit, heat pump, or furnace, and if any ductwork needs to be replaced.

    Factors Affecting HVAC Replacement Cost

    Installation costs will fluctuate depending on a couple of factors that are specific to the home and location. Here are the primary things that your air conditioning contractor will evaluate in order to give you a total price estimate for your replacement HVAC system:

    Local Climate Conditions

    Because of where your home is located, the local areas climate can change drastically. A house in the South would require an A/C unit with a size capable of cooling a home because of hot summers. Additionally, a home in the North would require a much larger heating capability as well, that will impact costs.

    Home Age and Construction

    The capability to heat and cool your home at its utmost efficiency depends on how well insulated your home is already and its size. A 2,500 sq. ft house will require a larger A/C unit than a smaller home, which influences installation costs. Additionally, a house that has energy efficient windows that are well sealed and insulated with devoid of cracks for air flow will need a lot less A/C capability to keep temperatures comfy. Other elements that can influence this might be the insulation somewhere else like the foundation, attics, roof, basements, and more.

    Is Ductwork Required?

    If you’re replacing the air conditioning system you already have, it’s safe to bet that ductwork was previously installed. Ductwork supplies the conditioned air from the HVAC system across the home through vents usually located in the home’s attic. However, over time ductwork may lose its’ effectiveness or might need to be modified to work with the new A/C system. Installing new ductwork can include an additional cost ranging from $1,200 to $4,200 depending on the level of difficulty to modify or install. Expect to add a couple of days of labor to the HVAC replacement job if it does require replacing the ductwork.

    Features of an HVAC Unit

    Trusted HVAC service installers can tell you what features you might need or want for the home’s system. High priced A/C unit costs come with higher energy efficiency levels called the SEER rating. The unit’s size will also make a difference in A/C unit costs. The HVAC brand you decide on will also influence the total installation cost. High end central A/C units cost more in advance. Nevertheless, better brands typically come with longer lifespans, more desirable warranties, and smart technology built-in to completely control the home’s temperature.

    Inquire About Hidden Fees

    There could also be some A/C installation costs that aren’t included in the first HVAC estimate, but you’ll still want to factor in just to be safe. These are things you need to ask the A/C contractor if the following costs are included in the primary quote that they are providing.

    If a permit is needed from the local city or county building department. The unit will also need an inspection by a building department representative to make sure the system meets city or county code.

    If any of the following needs added work involved in the installation process – electrical work, plumbing, existing system removal, installation of the HVAC system in a new location, altering the framing or surface of the home, or bringing the system up to code – it will also influence the cost estimate for the home’s new HVAC install.

    Higher Priced AC Installations

    HVAC installations and replacement can differ significantly in price. These differences may be because of the type of HVAC unit— for instance, how quiet the A/C unit is. Do your research on your desired HVAC system and be sure it’s best suited for your home.

    HVAC units may also differ in their total cost dependent on hardware apart from the main unit itself. Popular smart thermostats are often paired with new residential HVAC units, that may cost from $30 up to $300.

    Higher-end HVAC contractors likely will have more overhead and equipment, which might be seen in the estimate.

    HVAC unit warranties also influence the total installation cost. A lot of HVAC installers provide manufacturer’s warranties that safeguards you from defective system equipment. Many may provide added guarantees for the complete HVAC installation as well, covering possible damage to the roof.

    An HVAC system with an average SEER rating of 16 may mean a savings upwards of $400 yearly compared to other lower efficiency choices. Anticipate what your bills may look like following your new HVAC installation, and how you should expect your heating and cooling energy costs to change in the coming years.

    Lower Priced AC Installations

    If an HVAC contractor doesn’t have the proper insurance, they will often provide a lower bid. This might leave the homeowner liable for HVAC laborer injuries or damages that happen. It’s suggested that homeowners always choose a licensed HVAC contractor for any heating and cooling replacement jobs.

    When a contractor doesn’t have solid knowledge of local policies or relevant local, regional, and federal incentives, they could leave that to you and later lower their fees because they have less documentation to worry about. While a contractor can charge you for help going through the red tape of air conditioning regulations, an excellent contractor will guarantee your energy compliance in your area and make the most of your ROI utilizing know-how you may lack.

    Any bid you get you need to always double check the final HVAC installation quote for potential pricing errors. Errors can occur when trying to establish the full HVAC system installation cost. Convey any and all issues and questions with your air conditioning contactor prior to you signing off on any contracts.


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