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    How Much Does Home A/C Recharge Cost?

    Home A/C Recharge Cost

    Home A/C recharge costs about $225 with average prices of recharging ranging from $100 to $350 including labor in the US for 2020, according to HomeAdvisor.com.

    Prices for A/C repair differ greatly by A/C repair company. The cost per hour may be anywhere from $35 to $200. Bear in mind that a lot of contractors determine rates based on the project, and not by hourly labor. For instance, repairs to a small window air conditioning unit will most likely cost less than repairing a central ac system.

    You can DIY (do it yourself) many repairs to your A/C unit, but it is best to let a professional take care of any jobs that involve Freon. A licensed professional needs to deal with this harmful substance.

    National Average – $360

    Typical Range – $164 – $558

    Low End – High End – $75 – $1,600

    Cost data is based on real project data costs reported by 46,138 HomeAdvisor members.

    A/C Repair/ Replacement Cost Guide

    Common Problem

    A/C Freon leak detection and repairs cost

    A/C refrigerant recharging cost

    A/C Circuit board replacement cost

    A/C Fuses, circuit breaker/relay replacement cost

    A/C Thermostat replacement cost

    A/C Compressor hard-start pack repair cost

    A/C Capacitor or contactors replacement cost

    A/C Home air compressor replacement cost

    A/C Evaporator coil replacement cost

    A/C Condenser unit fan motor replacement cost

    *depending on size and type

    Average Cost To Fix











    A/C Repair Estimate

    A trouble shooting service call may vary from $75 to $180, depending greatly on your location and the time of year when the call happens. An HVAC professionals’ time is higher in demand during the hotter summer months, with many professionals charging up to $200 per hour.

    An HVAC professional can carry out an annual overhaul of your system for about $80 to $100. This annual maintenance helps cut off major repairs to your A/C system and gives you peace of mind and significant savings in the long run. In addition, regular servicing may help a home inspector authenticate that your unit is working correctly should you decide to sell your home.

    Breakdown of A/C Repair Costs

    Home A/C Recharge Cost

    Depending on your A/C units the size, a home A/C recharge costs from $100 to $350 on average but can go up to $600+. The price also differs depending on the type of refrigerant your unit takes. New regulations that are phasing out R-22 means the product price is increasing. Recharging your homes A/C unit shouldn’t take more than one to two hours.

    Cost of Replacing an A/C Compressor

    Most homeowners pay $1,200 or more for the cost to replace their A/C compressor. If you feel that your A/C unit is blowing warm air, hear it being noisy or vibrating as it starts up, the compressor might be to blame. Having a professional replace it should only take a couple of hours.

    A/C Compressor Repair Cost

    A/C compressor repair hard-start pack costs from $100 to $250. Depending on the damage, it usually makes more economic sense to get a new compressor installed to guarantee an extended fix.

    A/C Freon Leak Repair Cost

    Locating an A/C freon leak and repairing it costs from $225 to $1,600. The time freon leak repair takes depends on its location and how severe the leak it. How serious the leak is, may take eight hours plus to detect and repair.

    Air Handler Replacement Cost

    Getting a new air handler system replaced costs from $2,200 to $3,800. Air handlers work with your existing system to circulate either warmer or cooler air.

    A/C Fan Coil Leak Replacement Cost

    An estimate for the replacement of a fan coil should be around $2,000. The time it takes for a fan coil replacement differs but should take less than a day complete. Although some circumstances might enable a professional to repair your fan coil leak, it’s usually best to replace the fan coil completely.

    Condenser Replacement Cost

    A new A/C condenser is about $1,750 for installation. But this price will differ depending on the condenser. It should take a professional less than a day to complete the replacement – around four hours on average. Consult with a professional if you can repair your A/C condenser rather than completely replacing it.

    A/C Duct Replacement Cost

    The cost of replacing your A/C duct system is around $2,000 for the installation alone. For duct system and new HVAC system installations, expect to pay from $9,200 to $12,300. These installations may take a couple of days depending on the amount of ductwork required.

    A/C Blower Repair Cost

    AC blower repairs can cost less than $175. If there is no way to repair it, replacing the blower motor costs $250 to $800 or up to $1,500+ for higher-end models. The cost depends on what type of blower motor needed, as premium models are more expensive. Most replacements take around three hours, but some replacements may differ.

    A/C Expansion Valve Repair Costs

    Getting an A/C expansion valve repaired is somewhat cheap depending on how severe the damage is. Replacing the valve completely costs up to $450. This repair should only take a couple of hours.

    Inverter A/C Repair Costs

    The costs of repairing and maintaining on inverter A/C unit is more expensive than typical units. Inverter A/C is more energy-efficient than typical units and can save up to 40 % in energy costs. So, these types of systems could be worth it down the road.

    A/C Fuse, Circuit Breaker or Relay Replacement Costs

    It may cost from $15 to $300 for the replacement of the A/C fuses, circuit breakers or relays in A/C units. These replacements are rather fast with most taking a couple of hours to finish.

    A/C Thermostat Replacement Cost

    It costs from $115 to $250 for the replacement of the A/C thermostat. The cost to repair the thermostat is slightly less costly. A professional should take less than two hours for the complete. replacement should take a professional less than two hours to complete.

    A/C Capacitor Repair Costs

    A lot of homeowners pay from $120 to $400 to replace their A/C capacitor. This fast repair should take less than an hour when repaired by a skilled professional.


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