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    How Much Does A Heat Pump Cost?

    Heat Pump Cost

    On average, heat pump installation cost about $5,134 for the US in 2020, heat pump installation costs can range from $4,594 to $5,674 according to improvenet.com.

    How Much Does It Cost to Install a Heat Pump?

    Installing a heat pump makes your entire HVAC system simple. Basically, a replacement for both your air conditioner and furnace, a heat pump can greatly reduce your utility bills in the years to come. Obviously, added efficiency doesn’t come without a price.

    The heat pump installation cost largely comes down to the heat pumps actual price and the cost of professional labor. Each factor ranges from as low as a couple of hundred dollars to as high as $10,000. Therefore, the average heat pump replacement cost can vary.

    However, considering that there are 2,900+ heat pump installation and replacement projects, the average cost for heat pump installation is approximately $5,100. This price includes installation and labor.

    Heat Pump Prices

    Putting labor to the side for a minute, let’s look at the heat pumps actual cost. While HVAC work is typically reserved for professionals, some knowledgeable DIYers can replace a heat pump themselves. If you are one in the same, the only cost should be the price of the heat pump. Below are some of the more effective and common heat pumps on the market.

    Heat Pump Category

    High Effeciently Heat Pumps

    Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

    Energy Effcient Heat Pumps

    Ductles Heat Pumps

    Minimum Price





    Maximum Price





    How Much Does it Cost to Replacement a Heat Pump?

    If you’re putting in a new air handler and replacement heat pump at the same time, it will cost you $4,000 to $9,000 on average. Adding ductwork could raise that price up past $15,000.

    • The size of the home dictates how much tonnage you’ll require. The larger the home is, the higher the price.
    • Fees and permits raise the cost a little and varies by location. You could run into dumping fees, building permits and other local regulations.
    • Brand quality will dictate the unit price but doesn’t affect labor.
    • Duct setup. If your home doesn’t already have a duct system, you may want to choose a ductless setup, sometimes called a mini-split, or get a duct system installed.
    • Materials and supplies typically get covered in the project price. Be sure ask if it is and if you can see it as an item on the project bid and invoice.

    Heat Pump Labor Costs

    Prices of heat pumps have stayed steady over the years. Unfortunately, labor costs differ quite a bit more than the heat pumps themselves. This is the reason different homes need different installations. Some homes may require excavation or drilling through driveways and walls. Others may need pipe installation or a completely new venting system. In addition to the added time, each aspect brings more complexity to the job. Everything considered, heat pump labor costs average labor cost range between $1,000 and $6,000.

    Benefits of a Heat Pump

    Here are just a couple of the benefits that homeowners can expect to receive after they get a heat pump installed

    • Cost efficient to run. Even if you dish out top dollar for geothermal, operating costs help pay for itself in the long run.
    • Friendly for the Environmentally. because they are more energy efficient than gas, they usually generate less of a carbon footprint.
    • Ductless types reduce airborne allergens. No ducts mean no dirt and dust build up. Various unit even come with special allergen filters.
    • Safer alternative than gas. No air combustion means no carbon monoxide problems.
    • Improve home values. You may get up to a 70% ROI when you sell your home. But that will vary quite a bit subject to other real estate factors.

    Heat Pump Discounts

    Unlike an air conditioner or furnace, you could qualify for specific rebates or tax credits when you buy a new heat pump. To find out the exact rebates in your state, speak to a local accountant about the following discounts:

    • Non-Business Energy Property Credit
    • Renewable Energy Tax Credit
    • Residential Energy Property Expenditures


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    A/C & Refrigeration Co Offers Heat Pump Installation & Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

    A/C & Refrigeration Co is a professional a/c repair company in Phoenix offering heat pump installation & repair. Contact us today, or call us at 602-488-7161 for more information.

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