Ductless Mini-Splits HVAC

Ductless Mini-Splits for Efficient A/C & Heating

Do you need to implement heating and cooling in a new space in your home? Or perhaps you’ve heard about the personalized temperature control that ductless mini-splits offer. No matter your reason for looking into a ductless mini-split solution, we can help you choose the best product for your needs. AC and Refrigeration has decades of HVAC experience, including performing hundreds of ductless A/C and heating installations. Get in touch with us today for service!

    Is a Ductless A/C & Heating System Right for You?

    Ductless heating and air conditioning offers several benefits compared to a ducted central HVAC system. When you opt for a ductless system, made up of small units called mini-splits, you can achieve greater energy efficiency and personalized control over the temperature of individual rooms. 

    Another major reason our customers often shop for a ductless A/C and heating solution is to add heating and cooling to a new addition or converted space, such as a converted garage. Rather than spending the time and money to extend your central forced air HVAC system, you can purchase a small ductless mini-split exclusively for the new space.

      Ensure Peak Performance with a Maintenance Plan

      AC and Refrigeration offers a world-class maintenance plan for our customers. We’ll conduct an initial evaluation of your ductless A/C and heating system and then give you options for making any needed repairs. Then we’ll set up a schedule for biannual checkups to keep everything on track. Contact us today to learn more about residential or commercial ductless A/C and heating tune-ups.

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