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    Common Air Conditioner Problems

    Common Air Conditioner Problems

    Of the most common air conditioner problems improper operation is the leading issue.  When the air conditioner is running make sure that you’re not wasting the air with open doors or windows.  If you’re using room air conditioners make sure that the room or rooms the AC is being used in are closed off and isolated as much as you can from the rest of the property.

    Common AC Problems

    Along with simply not maximizing the use of your system improper installation, poor maintenance, or incorrect service are also common problems with air conditioner systems.

    Poor Installation

    If your system wasn’t installed correctly to begin with it will result in low airflow due to leaky ducts.  If the ducts are leaking air it is being wasted in your attic or inside walls, flooring, or ceilings.  The level of refrigerant also needs to be precise during installation.  Too much or too little will cause the system to use too much energy or not cool the home properly.

    Incorrect Refrigerant

    Another common problem is when the system has incorrect refrigerant charge.  When the refrigerant is lower than the manufacturer’s specifications the system will not run correctly or efficiently. This problem can stem from not being filled correctly at the time of installation, but also not being noticed by poorly trained or lazy AC repair and server techs.

    Electrical Issues & High Pressure

    Air conditioners are made to be durable and simply work, so many times when they struggle the solution may be as simple as checking your circuit breakers and fuses.  Give the system about 5 or 10 minutes before trying to reset your circuit breakers.  If on a hot day the compressor just stops it may have tripped the high pressure limit switch.  You can reset the high pressure limit by pushing a button located in the compressor’s access panel.

    Leaking Refrigerant

    If you have a AC unit that’s low on refrigerant it is either leaking or was never fully charged during installation.  If you have a leaky AC unit adding more refrigerant isn’t the solution.  One of our highly trained technicians will find the leak, repair it, and test it to make sure it is done right.  Once the leak or leaks are repaired the system can be recharged with the right amount of refrigerant. Keep in mind that getting the correct amount of refrigerant is paramount to efficiency.  Too much or too little work against you and will make your system work harder and use more electricity.

    Poor Maintenance

    If you neglect your air conditioner it will use more electricity and simply not work as well.  The air conditioning coils and filters get dirty with use and need to be cleaned for the system to work properly.  Not only will neglecting or not doing the maintenance correctly cost you more in utilities but it will lead to the fans or compressor failing prematurely.

    Electric Control Problems

    The fan and compressor controls wear out over time.  This is accelerated in situations where the system turns on and off more frequently than normal.  Many times, this is when a system is too big for the property it is installed in.  Corrosion is also a common electrical problem and all terminals and wires should be inspected during each and every visit from technicians.

    AC Sensor Problems

    Room AC units turn on and off based on information collected by a sensor located behind the control panel.  When the air entering the evaporative coil becomes cool enough the system assumes the room is cool and shuts off.  If this sensor is damaged or knocked out of place the system will act erratically or simply never shut off. This sensor should be near the AC coil, but never touch it.  You can adjust it’s position by bending the wires that hold it in place.

    AC Drain Problems

    If you live in a humid region of the country it is important to ensure that the AC system can drain properly.  As the system works it will produce a significant amount of condensation which will need to drain away from and out of the system.  Check to make sure the drain isn’t clogged and the system is installed correctly to drain.  If it is completely level the water will pool and not drain out as intended.

    Home AC Repair Service

    If you’re having any of the common air conditioner problems or less common ones, get in touch with the home AC repair experts at A/C & Refrigeration.  Our team installs, maintains, and repairs any brand on AC unit.  If you’ve got a leak, no cold air, or have simply noticed that it’s taking more energy to keep your home comfortable give us a call for home ac repair at 602-488-7161.

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  • Posted by Rebecca Gardner on June 23, 2020, 3:34 pm

    Thanks for explaining that the drainage system for the AC is important because it draws away from the large amounts of condensation that are produced. My husband and I think our air conditioning needs to be repaired because we noticed some pooling liquid underneath the unit yesterday morning. Your article helped me feel more prepared to discuss the issue with an HVAC repair service!

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  • Posted by GasNtools on July 29, 2020, 5:09 am

    I enjoyed reading this post. It helped to know common air conditioner problems that leading an issue. Thanks for sharing the post with us.

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  • Posted by Alice Carroll on August 18, 2020, 11:50 pm

    Thanks for pointing out that the fan of my AC can succumb to wear over time. It has been making some odd noises if it has been running for more than half an hour and it does sound like it’s coming form the fan. I should probably get an AC repair soon before this gets out of hand.

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  • Posted by Daphne Gilpin on September 30, 2020, 7:56 pm

    I’m glad you mentioned that the fan and compressor can wear out or become corroded over time. My husband said he noticed a weird sound coming from our AC when it turned on early this afternoon. Thanks for teaching me how to discuss possible causes of the issue with an air conditioner repair service soon!

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  • Posted by Zachary Tomlinson on October 1, 2020, 5:16 am

    I had no idea that there’s an off chance where your AC unit would leak out its refrigerant. My uncle’s AC unit is not cooling his office space for some reason, and now it’s affecting his work. I will recommend that he contact an air conditioning repair contractor so that it’ll be fixed accordingly.

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