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    Commercial Refrigeration Troubleshooting Guide

    Commercial Refrigeration Troubleshooting Guide

    If you are searching for commercial refrigeration troubleshooting, this post should help!  Troubleshooting commercial refrigeration systems can be challenging.  There are a lot of parts working together to provide the cooling needed to preserve perishable items.  This is especially true if you have a frost free type refrigeration unit as they add more sensors and timers.

    Commercial refrigerators like True T-49, and other commercial appliances, can have issues and may need some maintenance. Even a durable brand like True will need to be repaired, so when you have maintenance issues, you need to know how you can fix them efficiently and quickly, with help from a commercial refrigeration service. You can also solve the issue yourself it is simple. Below are common problems that you could have, and a few tips on how you can find out what is wrong.

    1. Power Issues

    If your refrigerator isn’t powering up, you could have an issue. Make sure that the power switch has been switched off. Ensure that the power cord is plugged in properly and all the way, as it could have been knocked out of place. If that isn’t the case, then check if the ground wiring and wiring to the outlet is active. The issue could be the power supply, and not the unit itself. Use a voltage detector to ensure that it is active.

    Remember: Many manufacturers will tell you to never use extension cords for a commercial fridge, because using them voids the warranty.

    2. Temperature issues with the refrigerator

    Are you having issues with the temperature in the fridge? Is it not getting cold enough? Having the fridge keep the food cold enough is a needed process for commercial appliances, and you will need to address this quickly.

    Location & Condition Of Unit

    First, take a look at the fridge. Is it up against the wall? The fridge will need to be away from the wall slightly to allow it to circulate air correctly. Commercial fridges are made to withstand a lot of open and closings, but there are times when the gasket can get worn down from normal wear and tear. The door need to close properly and completely seal, so that the unit can cool properly.

    Bad temperature Gauges

    You may also have an issue with the temperature gauge giving an incorrect reading or is broken. If this happens, manufactures have made the gauge simple to replace. The incorrect temperature reading can be because of a blocked vent. Check the temperature by using a thermometer to ensure that your thermostat is working.

    Broken Refrigerator Compressor

    The compressor that is used to keep the food cool, if it isn’t working, it won’t cool right. True and other companies have outlined in the manual how often you should clean the compressor, but it is every 90 days. Grease, hair, dirt, and more could build up within the compressor can keep it from working. Make sure that the compressor has been recently cleaned, and that it is running like it should.

    Bad Evaporator Fans & Drain Lines

    Is it starting to run hot? Is it freezing up and is collecting ice? Then you need to check if the evaporator fan is working right. You will need to melt the ice off the evaporator, if there is ice by turning it off.  The coils on the evaporator need to be clean and you can locate cleaning tips in the manual. Ensure the drain lines are clear as well.  You may notice that only part of the coil is freezing, which means you could have a low charge, so the sub cooling and pressure may need to be checked.

    3. Excessive Cold & Ice Buildup

    If things are freezing in your refrigerator or you have ice buildup it’s a problem.  These conditions can be caused by a number of common problems.  We’ve listed the most common of those below.  If these troubleshooting ideas don’t resolve the problem please call for commercial refrigeration services.

    Are you manually defrosting?

    Manual defrost refrigerators help protect food from freezer burn, but do require manually defrost periodically.  It should be done any time ice buildup is greater than a quarter inch.  This will vary from unit to unit, regionally, and based upon what you store in your refrigerator.

    Is your refrigerator’s auto defrost cycle working?

    Frost free refrigerators and freezers circulate air to prevent the buildup of ice.  If this automatic defrost cycle isn’t working properly you’ll get a buildup of ice.  In some cases it’s just the defrost time that must be replaced.

    Do The Doors Close Correctly?

    When refrigerator doors won’t close or have bad seals it will lead to it being too cold.  This can lead to the build up of ice in areas of the fridge along with huge amounts of wasted energy.  The hinges, gaskets, and seals must be aligned and in good condition to avoid this issue.

    Are The Coils Frozen?

    In some situations the coils will freeze.  Many times when this occurs it is a problem with the pressure of the cooling system in the refrigerator.  This is a problem that must be fixed by a trained refrigerator repair technician.

    Is The Fan Unusually Loud?

    If the refrigerator fan is unusually loud it can be a sign that the evaporator isn’t working properly.  When this happens a repair technician can replace the fan and or the evaporator to ensure you have an even and controlled level of refrigeration in your unit.

    4. Lighting Issues

    Sometimes you could have a small issue like the lights not working in the fridge. If that is the case, then look at the lights. Some brands will use LED lights, so if you need to replace the bulb, ensure that it has been approved and verified by the manufacturer, or you could burn the socket out. Read the manual to ensure that you are doing the right repair option.

    5. Water Is Leaking From The Refrigerator

    If your unit is leaking water onto the floor in your property there’s likely a problem with how your refrigerator is set up or something is wrong inside of it.

    Evaporator Pan Is Full

    If your evaporator pan is full it will leak onto the floor.  This can happen if the wicking material in the pan is too wet, worn out, or is moldy.  It may need to be replaced if it is ruined or cannot be cleaned.  If there is just too much moisture it can be a sign that there’s too much humidity or you have a bad compressor.

    Titled Refrigerators

    Commercial refrigerators are designed to be installed on level flooring.  If they are too far out of level the pan will leak as the system runs and naturally drains some fluid.

    Excessive Humidity In Kitchen

    Commercial refrigerators work best in dryer kitchens.  When there is excessive humidity in your kitchen the unit may struggle to operate and designed.  This will result in additional moisture forming and draining into the pan.  When too much water has collected it will leak onto the floor.

    6. When everything else has failed

    If you have troubleshooted the fridge, and you can’t find the problem, then contact a commercial refrigeration repair service. There are some brands that will make it easy to locate a servicer by listing services on their site. Remember, if your fridge is still under warranty, check the details of your warranty to ensure that any repairs made by a third party or yourself doesn’t void out the warranty.

    You may need to look into maintenance plans that are offered by a repair service to ensure that your fridge runs easily and doesn’t have an issue when you may be inconvenienced. Regular maintenance helps to lower issues for larger repairs in the future.

    Commercial Refrigeration Repair In The Phoenix Valley 

    If you have tried troubleshooting and cant figure out what the problem is, call the help of a professional. If you do business in the Phoenix valley, A/C & Refrigeration Co can help! We offer commercial refrigeration repair in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Suprise and more. We also repair walk in coolers and walk in freezers.

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  • Posted by Marcus on September 1, 2017, 11:23 pm

    Thank you so much for mentioning how your commercial fridge needs to be away from the wall in order to have the proper air circulation. I can see that taking the time to understand this can help you maintain your cool room working properly and maintaining your items at a proper temperature. A friend of mine was talking about how his cool room was not cold enough, so I’ll make sure to share your page with him.

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  • Posted by Kenneth Gladman on October 7, 2017, 2:00 am

    I appreciate you mentioned that once every ninety days you should have your compressor cleaned. I will be sure and pass this information on to my boss. I don’t know how long it has been since ours has been cleaned.

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    Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..Thanks for giving us nice info. Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post

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