Central HVAC Services

HVAC Maintenance Services for Central Heating & Cooling

Routine heating and cooling maintenance is crucial to extend the life of your HVAC equipment. AC and Refrigeration’s professional HVAC maintenance services can help save you hefty repair costs that result from premature system failures. We can make sure your equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency, resulting in lower monthly energy costs and a better indoor environment for your home or business.

Central HVAC Services

How Our Maintenance Plan Works

We have a plan designed to help save you money and energy with a scheduled maintenance visit twice a year – typically during the fall for the heating system and during the spring for the cooling system. Our expert technicians strive to catch issues before the chilly winter months set in and before the searing summer heat begins to hit the Valley.

How Often Do You Need HVAC Maintenance?

AC and Refrigeration recommends scheduling an air conditioner and heater tune-up at least twice per year in the Phoenix area. This schedule allows for a checkup before the unit begins heating your home and before it begins cooling it. Ideally, plan our technician’s visit for off-peak times of the year, avoiding the beginning of the warmest and coldest months in Arizona. Not only are we a team of trusted professionals, we are also customer-focused and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

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