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air conditioning and heating parts guide

Welcome to the Air Conditioning and HVAC repair parts guide 2016. Heating & Air Conditioning repair parts research can be done through our guide below. If you need service, call 602-488-7161. This guide will give you the basic information when it comes to the parts in your heating and A/C system.


ac capcitors parts 2016

These are the air conditioning starting devices.

Failure Causes:

  • Short cycling compressor
  • Hard starting compressor
  • Bulged or leaking housing
  • Weak capacity caused by shorted plates
  • Open circuit or internal short

Did you know? That when a run capacitor fails, it is wise for your to consider getting a compressor hard start kit to avoid secondary system failure.

Weak Capacitor Chart:

Replace Capacitors not within the following ranges:
3UF 3.18/2.82 15UF 15.9/14.1 45UF 47.7/42.3
5UF 5.3/4.70 20UF 21.2/18.8 55UF 58.3/51.7
7.5UF 7.9517.05 30UF 31.8/28.2 60UF 63.8/58.4
10UF 10.6/9.40 35UF 37.1132.9


Ask the Professionals:  Having a weak or bad capacitor may severely shorten the life of your air conditioner.

Relays and Contactors

ac contactors and relay repair parts guide 2016

A contactor is the main switch that will supply power to the compressor.

Failure Causes:

  • Shorted or burned out coil
  • Burned wiring
  • Contacts stuck closed or open
  • Insect(s) shorted out contact points
  • Short cycling
  • Corroded or pitted contact points

Learn More: The big killer of a compressor is the contactor that has become corroded or pitted contact points.

Ask the Pro’s: You should replace a contactor that is older than 5 years which will extend the life of your AC.

Hard Start Compressor Kit

This reduces the starting AMPS.

Failure Causes:

  • Voltage drop (bad contactor points)
  • Compressor drawing too many AMPS at start up
  • Relay contact burnt or stuck

Learn More: When you reduce the amps at start up, you will prolong the life of your AC.

Ask the Pro’s: If you notice that a compressor begins to draw high amps at start up, then it is a sign that it is seizing up and it is at risk for failure.

Blowers and Motors

ac blowers and motors parts guide 2016

This circulates the household air.

Clean Blower Dirty Blower
Causes of Failure:

·         Dirty wheel or blower motor

·         Wheel is defective or out of balance

·         Seized or worn motor bearings such as blower running below normal speed and being noisy

·         Motor electrical failure


Causes of Failure:

·         Defective capacitor

·         Short cycling

·         Broken fan blade or out of balance

·         System age

·         Seized motor bearings

·         Shortened or open motor windings

Learn More: Quality contractors will replace both the blower motor and blower wheel when the blower motor needs to be replaced. This will limit that noise and prevent premature failure of the replacement of motor bearings. Learn More: If the blower/fan has failed and the unit is older than 10 years, you need to consider replacing the unit.
Ask the Pro’s: Often times the blower wheel is severely damaged when being removed from a rusted motor shaft. Ask the Pro’s: The condenser blower/fan failure is a great indication that the AC unit is old and there may be more trouble on the way. Replacing the whole system is recommended.

Condenser Coil Dirty 

This prevents you from having efficient heat transfers.

AC’s or heat pump condenser coils may sometimes get plugged up by grass, pollen, dirt, dust, and other types of debris.

Failure Causes:

  • Lack of air flow through the condenser which causes the condenser to run hotter than normal and the compressor to run hotter due to the high load conditions.
  • Higher amp draw means higher electrical bills.
  • Results in higher pressures in the condenser which causes the compressor to pull amps.
  • Unit loses the ability to remove heat from the system.

Which results in:

  • Higher than normal electric bills.
  • Premature failure of the condenser fan motor and/or compressor.

Comfort Membership

Being a part of the Comfort Club ensures that your condenser coils are cleaned on every visit in order to make sure that you get maximum efficiency.

Dirty Evaporator Coil or Filter

This reduces the efficiency and shortens the life of your system.

Dirty Evaporator coil or filter

  • The blower fan will run at higher than normal temps which leads to premature failure
  • Liquid doesn’t compress, which may cause the compressor to fail
  • Issues with not evaporating all the refrigerant in the coil can be harmful to the compressor
  • Diminished airflow capacity causes the evaporator to starve for air.
  • Dirty filters or evaporators can cause the air side of the equipment to lose their ability to deliver the right amounts of air inside of the home

Learn More: There are other things that can cause diminished air flow which are collapsed duct work, low refrigerant charge, and bad blower motor. This will cause your evaporator coil and suction line to freeze.

Ask the Pro’s: Cleaning the coils and blowers will add up to 30% in air flow, reduces energy consumption, and prolongs the systems life.


ac transformer repair parts guide 2016

This supplies low voltage to the cooling and heating control circuits.

Failure Causes:

  • Lightning strike or power spike
  • Improper primary voltage
  • Transformer coil shorted
  • Unit has been overtaxed by controls
  • VA capacity is too low for the system
  • Low volt wiring shorted or grounded
  • Control shorted in the system

Learn More: Whenever a transformer fails, it is always an indication for further system failure.

Ask the Pro’s: Whenever you are having remodeling or new construction done to your service professional.


ac compressor repair parts guide 2016

This is the heart of the system.

Heat pumps and air conditioning unites will move heat by circulating refrigerant through outdoor and indoor coils at various pressures. Changing the burned out compressor involves the following:

  • Removing all the refrigerant
  • Cutting out the bad compressor
  • Welding in a new compressor
  • Changing and dryer and using an HH type of dryer
  • Cleaning the debris from the line, using a high performance vacuum pump in order to remove any moisture or air
  • Using a micron gauge to determine the level of vacuum
  • Weighing in the recommended amount of new refrigerant

Failure Causes:

  • Improper voltage/power fluctuations
  • Lack of proper maintenance
  • Improper installation techniques
  • Dirty coils and lack of air flow
  • Inaccurate refrigerant charge

Ask the Pro’s: Anytime that a compressor fails, it is a great idea to consider getting a new system.

(TXV) Thermostatic-Expansion-Valve 

ac Thermostatic Expansion Valve repair parts guide 2016

This is the device that will regulate the flow of refrigerant into the heat absorbing coil.

Failure Causes:

  • Age seizing moving parts
  • Debris clogging the valve
  • Loss of bulb charge

Learn More: Having a bad TXV may be a sign of a failing compressor. In order to change the TXV, you would need to follow the steps needed when charging the compressor.

Ask the Pro’s: Having a bad TXV means that it would be time for you to consider a new system.

AC Thermostats

ac thermostat repair parts guide 2016

These control the heating and amps as well as the cooling systems and will allow the indoor the fan to run intermittently or continuously.

Failure causes:

  • Lightning strike or power spike
  • Mechanical or electrical failure
  • Defective heating or cooling controls
  • Low voltage from wiring being grounded or shorted
  • Worn sub-base or thermostat

Learn More: Whenever a thermostat fails, it could be pointing to further system issues.

Ask the Pro’s: Whenever your thermostat needs to be replaced, it would be wise to consider getting a programmable touch screen type in order to reduce energy consumption.

Safety Switch

This is created to prevent water damage.

The EZ Trap Safety Switch was created to prevent water damage by shutting your system down anytime the drain line becomes blocked of plugged up. There is a clear p-trap and brush that is used to see if there is any blockage and allow easy access to clean the trap easily.

Learn More: The EZ Trap will keep costly drywall damage from happening and prevent any excess moisture that may be a source of mold and other unhealthy conditions in your home.

Low Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor NSI 3000 

This is the most advanced low level carbon monitor that is available


  • 2 year limited warranty
  • Continuous circling line on the display when the reading is below S PPM
  • Resistant to false alarms caused by normal household contaminants
  • Digital readout of CO in PPM (Parts per Million)
  • Will Detect CO continuously
  • Advanced electro mechanical sensor created to accurately measure low levels of CO by providing early warning of toxic CO levels in your home.

Learn More:

  • In high concentrations, CO can kill in minutes
  • Reduces oxygen to the heart, vital organs and brain
  • Carbon Monoxide kills thousands each year and injures many more
  • It competes with oxygen by replacing it in the red blood cells
  • Like oxygen, CO enters the body through the lungs during the breathing process

Ask the Pro’s: Low level exposure (less than 35PPM) of CO can be confused with food poisoning, the flu, and other illnesses and can cause long term health risks if left untreated.


ac Magnahelic repair parts guide 2016

This is a tool that measures air pressure In the air duct.

Learn More:

  • If your static pressure is too high, your AC unit could fail
  • High static pressure also makes your unit work harder, which results in a high electric bill
  • All HVAC systems are created to work at or below 1 inch water column

Ask the Pro’s: The common cure to high static is simply adding a return duct that will allow your system to breathe.

 Analyzer Of Combustion Tool

ac combustion analyzer kit repair parts guide 2016

This is a test to determine the proper combustion in gas appliances.

Learn More:

  • Without a combustion analyzer test your system could be producing too much CO and wasting energy.
  • Comfort club members get an annual combustion test included in the membership
  • 90% of gas furnaces have never had a certified combustion test completed.

Meg Ohm Meter Tool

ac meg ohm meter tool repair parts guide 2016

The Meg Ohm Meter is a tool that tests motor windings.

Learn More:

  • If you are able to catch a compressor that has a weak winding you should change it before it burns out to prevent the contamination of your system.
  • A compressor or motor that tests the caution range is a sign of future failure.

Ask the Pro’s: Any time that a compressor fails, it would be best to consider a new high efficiency system.

Thank you for reading this 2016 installment of “Air Conditioning & HVAC Repair Parts Guide“, by ACandRefrigeration.


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Welcome to the Air Conditioning and HVAC repair parts guide 2016. Heating & Air Conditioning repair parts research can be done through our guide below.
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