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    Best AC Temperature For Sleeping

    Best AC Temperature For Sleeping

    If you are one of those people who likes to make their bedroom as cool as possible before going to bed, you will not be suprised to know it is one of the best ways of assuring a great nghts sleep.

    Body Temperature

    As you get ready for sleep your body temperatures automatically drops a little lower. Some experts say to keep the thermostat at between 60 to 67 degrees to encourage this. All things being equal, the cooler the environment, the better quality of sleep you are likely to get. In assisting to cool the core temperature of your body, you may fall asleep quicker but that is not the case for everyone. Some people find it easier to sleep when the bedroom temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees.

    Circadian Rhythms

    Also known as your biological clock, the circadian rhythms of your body repeat on a daily basis helping to regulate your temperature as we discussed above. In various tests it has been shown warm sleeping environments can mess with circadian temperature regulation preventing the body from reducing its own temperature, therefore leading to poor quality sleep. However you do not have to be cold under the blankets all night. Layering sheets and blankets that are easy to push off as the night progresses can really help in getting that elusive good night of sleep.

    Bed Accessories

    If your room is still too warm consider purchasing some cooling bedding or putting some pillow cases in the freezer and putting one on your pillow before bed each night. The National Sleep Foundation sggests keeping a glass of ice water or a cold pack next to your bed to help you cool off during the night. Sleeping naked or with very breathable pajamas is also an option as is using fans as this will help the flow of air with the air conditioning being switched on.

    To summarize, if you can get your bedroom into the 60’s at night time ,for most people it will help facilitate a good night of sleep.

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