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    How Much Does A/C Coil Replacement Cost?

    How Much Does A/C Coil Replacement Cost?

    AC Coil Replacement Cost

    A/C coil replacement costs about $1,300 with average prices of replacement ranging from $600 to $2,000 including labor in the US for 2020, according to HomeAdvisor.com.

    To buy and install a new A/C evaporator coil can cost from $900-$1800+.

    Why is there such a wide difference in cost?

    The cost changes depending on a couple of factors:

    1. The parts warranty
    2. The size of the air conditioning system
    3. The installer’s pricing

    1) Your Parts Warranty

    Many AC manufacturers provide a 10-year parts warranty. If your warranty has expired—or has become void due to the inadequacy of maintenance—you will have to pay the cost of the part plus its installation.

    The contractor may or may not check the warranty of your air conditioner. Contact the A/C manufacturer to see if your equipment is still within its warranty period.

    To do this, call the manufacturer’s customer service number with your A/C’s model number and any serial numbers it may have.

    If your A/C unit is still under its warranty, let your contractor know. If your contractor doesn’t know if you are still under warranty, you may have to pay full cost for the evaporator coil despite the fact you could have got a new one for free.

    2) The Size of Your A/C System

    Central A/C systems come in different sizes, usually between 1 1/2 tons to 5 tons. The bigger the system, the more expensive the coil—and its installation will be.

    3) The Installer’s Pricing

    Typically, a central air conditioner installers will price differently.

    Some will bill you hourly, so you won’t know the EXACT cost until the work is complete. We say “exact” cost because the installer will give you an upfront estimate, but the final cost may differ.

    Billing hourly can sometimes create problems. If the A/C installer works slow, it benefits them—and penalizes you.

    Some contractors give you upfront pricing, you’ll know the exact cost before any A/C work begins.

    Contact A/C & Refrigeration Co. to see how much it will cost to replace your evaporator coil.

    You May Want to Replace the Outdoor Unit, as Well.

    While your main problem is the evaporator coil, you may also want to think about replacing the outside (condenser) unit so you have a “matched system”.

    Why is having a matched system essential?

    According to the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI):

    1)  “Improperly matched indoor and outdoor units can create undue stress on your cooling system, resulting in an unnecessary, premature failure.”

    2) A new evaporator coil won’t work as it is supposed to because it’s working with a used condenser unit.

    3) The inside and outside coils have to use the same type of refrigerant. So, if your A/C system uses an older R-22 refrigerant, the new evaporator coil must also use it.

    As R-22 is being phased out, it is becoming more expensive as time goes on. Replacing the complete system allows you to switch to R-401a, the newer, more available refrigerant.

    If you have an older system (10+ years) that uses R-22 refrigerant, you should think about replacing the entire system.

    A/C & Refrigeration Co Offers A/C Coil Replacement In Phoenix, Arizona

    A/C & Refrigeration Co is a professional a/c repair company in Phoenix offering A/C coil replacement and more. Learn more about our Home A/C Repair services.

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