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Phoenix Reach-in Cooler Repair | Fridge & Freezer Repair Service

Commercial, Industrial, and Restaurants

When you’re searching for reach-in cooler repair near me in Phoenix we are here to help!  Our team is ready to help repair your reach-in coolers & reach-in freezers at your store, restaurant, commercial or industrial business.  Little makes a customer more excited to purchase than the ice cold sensation of reaching in to a cooler or fridge freezer and getting a blast of cold air.  If you’re reach-in coolers and freezers are broken, warm air and warm products are going to hurt your bottom line. Our reach-in cooler & freezer service technicians can provide fast and affordable repair service for your reach-in freezers and reach-in coolers that need repaired in Phoenix, AZ.

Common phrases used to find our reach-in cooler repair services include: reach-in cooler repair near me, reach-in cooler repair phoenix, reach-in cooler maintenance, emergency reach-in cooler repair, reach-in cooler troubleshooting, reach-in freezer repair, and reach-in fridge repair.  We proudly provide reach-in cooler repair in Phoenix and surrounding cities such as: Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Tempe, and more!  If your reach-in cooler isn’t cooling, lighting up, or won’t turn on at all give our team a call for prompt, professional, and affordable reach-in cooler repair!


Reach-In Cooler & Freezer Repair Specialists

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration’s factory-trained technicians are experienced in providing repair service on all major brands of reach-in cooler and freezer equipment. We take pride in being able to offer our clients very competitive pricing. We are able to provide fair pricing for repairs, installs and maintenance of your equipment. Our proficient technicians are able to repair equipment that is under warranty or not. We will work hard to get your equipment working efficiently in the least amount of time.

Businesses such as coffee shops, bars, convenience stores, grocery stores, and restaurants require their reach-in coolers and freezers to function properly in order to provide cold beverages to their guests. One of the best ways to avoid having problems with your equipment is to have a quality commercial refrigeration repair company, such as ourselves, on call.

Reach-In Cooler Services We Provide:

Our highly trained technicians provide the full range of reach-in cooler, fridge, and freezer repair services.  Whether it’s not cooling, lights aren’t turning on, or the power just isn’t working we will track down the problem, offer an affordable quote for repair, and get your fridge or freezer working again.  We provide service for grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, and all industrial or commercial locations.

  • Recovering and Recycling Freon
  • Replacement Parts
  • Install New Reach In Coolers & Freezers
  • Reach In Cooler Maintenance and Servicing
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repair
  • Commercial Appliance Repair
  • Repairing power problems
  • Restoring cooling
  • Repairing lighting problems
  • Repairing bad compressors
  • Repairing evaporator fans

Reach-In Cooler Troubleshooting

The most common problems or issues with reach-in coolers and freezers are: Failure of Power, No cooling, Thermostat Problems, Ice buildup (signal of a broken defroster), or Unit is always running Issues with the Evaporator Coil.

Power Problems

If you can’t seem to get your reach-in cooler to power up it can be a massive headache and turn customers away.  No one wants to come in for an ice cold coke and get a lukewarm soda. First step is to check the power switch is turned on.  Next make sure the power cord is plugged in and the outlet has power.  Keep in mind that while it might seem “ok” using extension cords for commercial refrigeration equipment voids warranties.

Not Cooling

If your reach-in cooler is running but the items inside aren’t getting or staying cold, you’ve got a problem.  Firstly make sure your cooler isn’t directly against the wall.  This allows air to circulate as designed and achieve the desired cooling. Next check the rubber door gasket to ensure it hasn’t been torn or damaged and allowing warm air into the cooler.  The next possibility is that the temperature gauge is bad or a vent is blocked.  If the vent isn’t blocked it may be time to replace the temperature gauge.  Quality reach-in coolers make these gauges easy to order and replace.

Lighting Problems

Lots of reach-in coolers & freezers have lighting to make it enticing and easy to find the products shoppers are looking for.  If this lighting is flickering or just plain off it makes products seem unkempt.   This can impact your bottom line as shoppers avoid coolers or freezers that they believe might have been out of order.  If light bulbs have burned out ensure you’re ordering the right replacements as you could burn out the sockets using the wrong wattage.

Bad Compressors

All AC and refrigeration systems rely on compressors.  If you believe its the compressor the first thing you should do is clean it.  If hair, dirt, or grease has built up it can prevent it from working correctly.  This should be done quarterly to ensure the compressor runs cool and effectively keeps the unit cold. If the compressor has completely burned out, you will likely need to have it replaced.

Evaporator Fans

If you’ve got excessive ice in your cooler or freezer it could be your evaporator fan.  If the evaporator fan is frozen up in a block of ice you’ll need to power down your cooler.  Let the ice on the fan melt off and then clean the evaporator coils. It’s also a good measure at this time to ensure drain lines are clean and running easily.  If only part of the coil is freezing it may be your cooler has a low charge.  In this case you’ll need a trained reach-in cooler repair technician who’s certified to handle the repair.

Why Is Regular Reach-In Cooler Maintenance Important?

By scheduling regularly updated maintenance for your reach-in freezer or cooler, you can detect problems before they are full blown. That way, you don’t get surprised with a sudden breakdown. Routine Maintenance service also helps maintain the quality of your cooler or freezer. We will be able to find issues before they turn into bigger problems, help keep you energy bills small and give you peace of mind. When working with AC an dRefrigeration, you can rest assured that we will give you with the care and service you need to keep your commercial cooling units and appliances running in top-notch condition.

Schedule Emergency Reach-In Cooler & Freezer Repair Service

Reach in Cooler and Freezer Brands We Repair and Maintenance: Master-Bilt, True, McCall, Federal, Polar King, Continental, Delfield, Beverage-Air, Perlick, Cospolich, Kolpak, Coldzone, Follett, Glastender, Killion, Hobart, Hussmann, Klopenberg, Norlake, Thermo-Kool, Randell, Victory, US Cooler, Amerikooler, Imperial Manufacturing, Crown Tonka, Thermal Rite, Tafco, Bootz, Kool Box, Bally, Traulsen, Kool Star, SRC Refrigeration, Everest. Read more about commercial refrigeration troubleshooting.

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We service brands such as American Standard, Beverage Air, Bryant Refrigeration, Continental, Everest, Heil, Hobart, Hoshizaki, Hubbard, Ice O Matic, McCall, Manitowoc, Randell, Silverking, Scotsman, Traulsen, True Manufactoring, Turbo Air, Victory, Vollrath.

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