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    3 Ways to Get More Clients as an HVAC Freelancer

    3 Ways to Get More Clients as an HVAC Freelancer

    As a freelance HVAC professional, one of the challenges you doubtless face is how to grow your bookings. While the flexibility that comes with freelancing is great, there is nothing quite as satisfying as looking at your calendar and seeing you are booked solid. For those days that have gaps, there are some strategies you can implement to have them booked solid too.

    Before jumping into the tactics, it is important to first acknowledge the seasonality of the HVAC business. Spring and autumn are low seasons while summer and winter are peak months. As you look at these tactics, try and think about how you can use them to maximize your gains during the seasonal swings of the business.



    This is the oldest trick in the book. Good old-fashioned facetime. Talking to your neighbors, your friends, family, and everyone really who cares to listen to you talk about your business is a healthy way of building your personal brand. When people speak with you, they should know what services you offer and your availability as soon as possible.

    A great way to broach the subject is to always start with the weather. The HVAC business has the unique advantage of always fitting in well with conversations about the weather. To network even further, attend trade events and other local gatherings. Always remember to consistently be your brand, no matter what forum or gathering.

    Home Services Websites

    Home Services Websites

    These are another avenue of leads that you can look at. Home services websites like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack and Angie’s List have people who are actively looking at hiring freelancers as opposed to companies. These platforms offer a different client base consisting primarily of homeowners who are looking to have some minor work done by an affordable and reliable specialist.

    Creating a profile on these sites and following through with excellent service can lead to a steady stream of work. You may need to focus on these media if you are to succeed so watch out for overbooking or double-booking if you have work coming in from other sources.

    Local SEO

    Local SEO

    Local Search Engine Optimization today helps millions of small businesses be found on search engines because of the prevalence of mobile search. As an independent HVAC specialist, you too can benefit from this boon by staking your claim on your little slice of the market. If your area is dominated by HVAC companies, why not consider marketing yourself as a cheaper alternative to the competition.

    As an independent worker, you do not have the same expensive overheads as businesses, so you can price your services accordingly. On the flip side, you can price your services way higher and provide a level of service that other players cannot match. Using this competitive edge in your SEO strategy can prove effective.

    As you build your business as a freelance HVAC professional you can take advantage of factors that larger companies cannot. The nimble nature of your business means you can do things in a heartbeat that other businesses must spend endless meetings deliberating on to implement. Focus on this and use this to your advantage.

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