Why an HVAC System Can Trip the Circuit Breaker

Apr 17, 2023 | HVAC

If your HVAC unit is tripping the circuit breaker too often, you may be wondering why it’s happening. As we all know, Phoenix often reaches extreme temperatures during hot summer months. Without a working HVAC system to keep you safe from the scorching heat, it can pose a big problem. In this blog post, we will explore some of the common causes of why your HVAC might be tripping the circuit breaker.

HVAC System

Overloaded Circuit

If you have multiple large appliances, you may be unknowingly pushing the current beyond the capacity of the circuit breaker. This can likely result in the circuit breaker tripping when they should not be doing so. Furthermore, if you frequently use a single appliance more than it is designed for, it may also push it beyond its rated current capacity and cause your circuit breaker to trip.

Wiring Problems

Another common potential cause of circuit tripping is faulty wiring. If the insulation in your indoor air units is worn or frayed, it could pose a risk to HVAC components and increase the chances of circuit breaker tripping. Therefore, be sure to check for loose connections between electronics and their respective power outlets or extensions regularly.

Faulty HVAC Components

If you recently got your HVAC unit replaced or brought in any add-ons, there is a chance that the components may not be functioning as intended. This would cause them to consume more current than they should and could trip the circuit breaker even when running normally. It’s essential to have regular maintenance done on all of your units as this helps detect any potential problems with components before they get worse.

Get in Touch With an Expert HVAC Technician

No matter what you think the problem is, it’s always best to get professional help if your HVAC keeps tripping the circuit breaker. A licensed technician not only can detect any potential issues with HVAC, but they also have the necessary tools and expertise to fix the problems. This eliminates guesswork and enables a more accurate diagnosis to occur. 

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