Commercial Freezers: A Quick Overview of Your Options

Nov 15, 2022 | HVAC

If your business deals in food and other consumable items, a reliable and high-quality commercial freezer will be invaluable. The options available to you will be varied and many, which makes choosing a bit overwhelming. But if you keep your cool (pun intended) and learn more about your options, deciding becomes somewhat easier. The trusted expert in heating repair and commercial refrigeration in the area, A/C and Refrigeration, shares a quick overview of different types of commercial freezers.

Commercial Freezers

Countertop Freezer

This option is exactly what it’s called — a compact, lightweight  freezer that looks like a countertop, with a glass door and an interior LED light display. You’ll typically see countertop freezers being used in small shops, hotel rooms, and restaurants to hold canned or bottled beverages and smaller food items.

Horizontal and Vertical Freezers

These commercial freezers are a staple in grocery stores. Horizontal and vertical freezers are generally used to store stuff like ice cream and other dairy products, smaller packages of meat, and food in cartons and trays. Aside from grocery stores, many small restaurants also use horizontal freezers in their kitchens. Some are designed with a sliding glass door and well-lit interiors to better display the items, while other models come with a hinged solid door that swings upwards. You can consult a premier refrigeration and heating installation company like A/C and Refrigeration to determine whether this will be a viable option for your needs.

Walk-In Freezer

Also called storage freezers, this particular option is used to hold extra stock somewhere in the back of the business, akin to a warehouse. Walk-in freezers are rarely placed upfront because they don’t double as a display case. Some businesses convert an empty room at the back of the building into an actual freezer, but there are also options in the market that can be installed or expanded, and relocated, if necessary. Ask A/C and Refrigeration to help you explore your options. We offer a variety of commercial refrigeration options that can meet any need, from walk-in and storage freezers to refrigeration warehouses, reach-in coolers, and custom wine vaults.

Worry-Free Commercial Refrigeration

Aside from residential air conditioning services, A/C and Refrigeration can also provide commercial refrigeration services. Talk to us and we’ll help you choose the commercial freezer that best suits your needs. We take pride in serving homeowners and commercial property owners in and around Phoenix, AZ. Give us a call today at (602) 488-7161, or fill out this contact form to schedule a consultation. We’d love to hear from you!