How Furniture Can Affect Your HVAC’s Performance

Nov 8, 2022 | HVAC

You wouldn’t think pieces of furniture can impact your home’s indoor environment, but they do, which is why you should take their placement into account. The premier HVAC installation company in the area, A/C and Refrigeration, expounds on how your furniture can affect the performance of your HVAC system.

HVAC’s Performance

Blocks Airflow

It’s understandable — you want to arrange your furniture in the most eye-pleasing way possible. Take note of the room’s air vents and their location. Make sure your furniture isn’t blocking them. Otherwise, your heating and cooling system will find it difficult to send conditioned air throughout your home, allowing for inconsistent temperatures. Blocked vents and registers can also put unnecessary strain on your HVAC system by wearing down its internal components and driving up energy costs. 

Again, you can easily avoid this by making sure there’s no furniture blocking the vents. But if your HVAC system still has poor airflow, the problem might lie elsewhere. Turn to a trusted HVAC company like A/C and Refrigeration for a comprehensive inspection and tune-up. Our skilled and certified technicians will accurately identify the root of the issue and perform the necessary solution.

Keeps the Room Cool

The effects of furniture placement on your HVAC system aren’t all bad. If you arrange your furniture in a certain way, it can effectively block the path of sunlight to the room. The shadows created by your furniture help keep the temperature down in the enclosed space. This prevents longer cooling cycles from your air conditioner, which, in turn, allows for reduced cooling costs.

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