Why You Need to Increase Indoor Humidity in Fall and Winter

Oct 5, 2022 | HVAC

As the temperatures continue to drop in the fall and winter seasons, the amount of water vapor in the air — often called humidity — also decreases. Having an optimal range of humidity in your home not only creates a comfortable environment but also offers a few health-related benefits.

 Indoor Humidity in Fall and Winter

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What Is the Ideal Indoor Humidity During Fall and Winter?

Determining the best indoor humidity level for your home depends on several factors. Your climate zone, the amount of insulation and ventilation your building has, and the amount of moisture your space produces all play a part. In general, between 30% and 50% is considered the ideal range for relative humidity.

What Are the Benefits of Increasing Humidity Levels Inside Your Home?

It keeps you and your family healthy. With dryer environments due to the lack of moisture in the air, nasal congestion and other respiratory issues in the residents can worsen. Low humidity can also cause your skin to become dry or scaly.

It prevents damage to your home. According to a trusted HVAC installation specialist, specialist, low humidity from extreme cold can damage your interior. Wooden floors form gaps between the planks or drywall, and wallpaper develops cracks. It can also cause art, books, and other paper materials to become brittle or discolored.

How Do You Increase Indoor Humidity?

Add some plants. Because house plants release moisture into the air, adding green plants to your living spaces can slightly increase your indoor humidity.

Use a vent kit. Installing an indoor vent kit onto the back of your dryer increases your indoor humidity and decreases heating costs.

Get a humidifier. Perhaps the most effective way to raise your indoor humidity is to install a good-quality humidifier in your home. A standing room humidifier is the most common, though some opt for fan-powered, whole-home humidifiers.

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