What You Need to Know About the Under-Counter Refrigerator

Jul 22, 2022 | HVAC

No matter what type of food-related business you have, it won’t be complete without the right kind of refrigeration equipment. For many people in the food and beverage industry, refrigerators play a crucial role in maintaining food quality. While there are many types of refrigerators to choose from, most business owners have an under-counter fridge.

Under-Counter Refrigerator

Read on as we explain the features and benefits of under-counter refrigerators.

Functional Yet Convenient

When it comes to buying a commercial refrigerator, you’ll need to have all bases covered, including the features that will help meet your needs. But thanks to industry innovations, it’s relatively easy to find what fits your preferences among the wide range of refrigeration products that are available on the market. If space is at a premium, having a big industrial fridge is out of the picture. Go for something smaller and more convenient, such as the under-counter fridge!

For many cafés, bars and restaurants, the under-counter refrigerator has become one of the most popular and appealing choices. It has features that other types of refrigerators don’t. Some of the higher-quality models offer all the features you’d find in a full-sized industrial refrigerator, which means they can have a freezer and an icemaker as well.

Benefits & Features

  • Space-saving appliance. Under-counter refrigerators are available in two-door and three-door units, but they’re never bigger than a regular-sized model. Since they have a smaller profile than most types, under-counter fridges are ideal for small kitchen spaces and blend right into a work area.
  • Durable and reliable. Most types of under-counter fridges are made of stainless steel and aluminum. These are tough and sturdy materials, which means the fridge can double as a workbench if necessary. They’re also built to last for many years and are designed to complement almost any type of commercial kitchen.
  • Better energy efficiency. Modern under-counter fridges are ENERGY STAR®-certified, which means they run quietly and efficiently. Not only will they lower your monthly utility bills, you can also reduce your carbon footprint.

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