The Best Ways to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Jul 15, 2022 | HVAC

A well-functioning air conditioner is all you need to beat the summer heat. However, the indoor air you’re currently breathing might not be healthy at all. At this time of year, significant temperature changes occur, forcing your AC system to work harder. On top of that, a variety of indoor air quality issues start to manifest in the summer months, especially when there’s a big increase in humidity.

 Home's Indoor Air Quality

So, how can you keep your indoor air quality high this summer? A/C and Refrigeration shares more insight.

What Causes Indoor Air Pollution

Did you know that indoor air can be more polluted than the air outside? This is mainly due to the same air circulating throughout your home without bringing in fresh air to refresh it. Without opening your doors and windows a few minutes a day, your indoor air quality is affected by different pollutants that are found throughout your home. Some of the most common include dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen and even VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

One of the best ways to improve your indoor air quality is to have it assessed by a trusted HVAC contractor. They can provide solutions that ensure your system runs smoothly and your indoor air quality is good. These include fixing leaky ductwork and cleaning out vents. They may also offer products that help improve indoor air quality, such as air purification systems.

Apart from seeking the expertise of the pros, you can also keep indoor air clean with these helpful tips: 

  • Open your windows. You should open your windows occasionally to get more fresh air into your home. Keeping them open even for just a few minutes is enough to refresh stale, polluted indoor air.
  • Consider adding more houseplants. Potted plants act as a natural air filter that absorb carbon dioxide and toxins and release oxygen within your home. They are a great way to enhance your indoor air quality naturally.

A/C and Refrigeration provides numerous services that keep indoor air pollutant-free so you can breathe fresh, healthy air. Reach us today by calling (602) 488-7161 or filling out our  online contact form to request an estimate.