Benefits of the Chef Base for the Commercial Kitchen

May 27, 2022 | HVAC

As a restaurant owner, having a well-designed industrial kitchen space is vital to the efficiency of your daily operations. When planning the layout, both the equipment size and function should be considered. To make the most of the workspace, a chef base is something worth considering. A/C and Refrigeration, your trusted commercial refrigeration maintenance company, explains what this is and its many benefits.

Chef base is and its benefits

What Is a Chef Base?

A chef base is a commercial appliance that has a top surface that holds other kitchen equipment and storage drawers underneath to hold immediate-use food. The drawers are refrigerated, which means items like burger patties and chicken can be kept cool inside before they’re moved to the cooking station to be fried, grilled or baked.

One of the many advantages of the chef base is the fact that it helps create more space in an industrial kitchen for other equipment, thanks to its two-in-one design. It also offers a durable worktop for your fryer, stove and griddle. More importantly, the chef base is a great way to save time and ensure your staff works quickly and efficiently. The cold storage drawers underneath allow you to prepare food for cooking without having to leave your workstation.

Important Considerations

As with most commercial refrigeration equipment, several factors should go into deciding what chef base is right for your circumstances. These include:

  • Size. Chef bases are usually categorized by length. The number of pieces of equipment you intend to place on top of it, from the cooking stove to the fryer, will determine how long the base needs to be.
  • Environment. Consider your current operation. Is it busy and fast-paced? Is it only a small operation with limited staff and hours? This will determine whether you need a heavy-duty chef base or a standard one.
  • Number of drawers. You can easily organize a wide variety of food types if you choose a chef base with more drawers. Separate drawers reduce the transfer of flavor between different food items.
  • Ventilation. Like any refrigerator, the chef base will exhaust warm air. Make sure that there is enough ventilation in your kitchen and clean the unit every day.

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