6 Signs Your Air Conditioner Was Damaged During a Storm

Apr 21, 2022 | HVAC

While modern air conditioners are built to hold up against the elements, they’re not impervious to storm damage. Some of this damage is noticeable, but a lot of it is hidden from view. This can result in issues that can compromise the unit’s efficiency and performance if the damage isn’t addressed immediately.

AC Was Damaged After a Storm

After a storm, keep an eye out for these six signs of air conditioning equipment damage.

The smell of burning wire – One of the first symptoms of damage in any electrical equipment is a burning electrical odor. It’s best to turn off the air conditioner as soon as you notice this smell and call in an AC repair technician for a quick inspection.

Strange noises – Debris and other particles may get lodged in your AC unit and cause unusual noises. After the storm, clean and examine the outdoor condenser unit. Strong gusts of wind carry debris, which can end up inside the unit and cause damage to its critical components, such as bent or damaged fan blades.

Physical damage – A severe storm can leave damage in its wake, and your air conditioning system is no exception. You may notice mud and debris inside the outdoor unit, indicating water intrusion. Cleaning the cooling fins can help restore its cooling capabilities. However, if the outdoor unit is in bad condition, your AC technician may recommend replacing it.

Reduced cooling efficiency – It’s not uncommon for an AC unit to have reduced efficiency following a strong storm. To avoid repeated AC unit failures during storm season, you should regularly check the unit’s functionality. Stay on top of HVAC maintenance by signing up for a service agreement.

Air conditioner not turning on – Storms cause power surges, which can harm your AC system’s electrical components. Call your technician as soon as you notice this problem.

Water pooling near the unit – Your cooling system’s condenser unit should never be submerged in water. To protect against this, it’s normally built atop a cement slab. If a storm does cause water to enter the outdoor unit, get in touch with your HVAC contractor immediately.

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