What Causes HVAC Coils to Corrode?

Feb 2, 2022 | HVAC

The coils are critical HVAC components where heat is exchanged. Two types of coils are used in HVAC systems, namely evaporator coils and condenser coils. Evaporator coils are located in indoor HVAC units, while condenser coils can be found in outdoor HVAC units. Each type of coil plays a specific role in your HVAC system. If your HVAC coils develop corrosion or start deteriorating, the situation could result in refrigerant loss and a shorter HVAC lifespan.

HVAC Coils Corrode

In this post, reputable HVAC company A/C and Refrigeration discusses the common culprits behind coil corrosion. We also share a few tips on how to avoid this kind of issue.

What Causes HVAC Coil Corrosion?

In outdoor condenser coils, corrosion occurs when the coils become pitted from being exposed to corrosive substances in the air and rain (e.g. fluoride and chloride). Meanwhile, in indoor evaporator coils, corrosion typically develops due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are off-gassed by building materials and furniture components like fabrics, textiles, etc. When these compounds come in contact with the coil surface, they can turn into caustic formic and acetic acids, which will eventually lead to coil corrosion.

Make sure to call an HVAC repair expert if you notice reduced indoor comfort, decreased HVAC efficiency and higher energy bills. Look out for other signs of coil corrosion too, such as hissing sounds, water leaks, frozen coils, bubbles within the evaporator coil and longer cooling cycles.

How Can Coil Corrosion Be Prevented?

Regular cleaning of the coils is an effective way to prevent corrosion. This is typically included with professional HVAC maintenance services, so make sure your HVAC system is regularly checked and maintained by a professional.

HVAC specialists may also recommend other measures to prevent coil corrosion, such as the application of an anti-corrosive coating or the installation of a whole-home air cleaner on your HVAC system to capture and remove airborne VOCs.

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