Why Ice Buildup Occurs in Commercial Walk-In Freezers

Nov 11, 2021 | HVAC

One of the most common problems restaurant owners and food and beverage businesses face is the buildup of ice inside their walk-in freezers. This can be particularly frustrating to deal with, as it can affect the efficient operation of these important pieces of equipment. Ice buildup is usually the result of moisture in the air getting into the freezer, leading to ice formations on the walls, floor, ceiling and even the door.

Ice Buildup

In this post, trusted cooling and heating installation contractor A/C and Refrigeration takes a look at the most common causes of ice buildup inside walk-in freezers.

The door is left open for too long. Keeping the walk-in freezer door open while it’s being restocked allows large amounts of humid air to enter the space. Once the door is closed, the trapped air freezes inside, coating surfaces and contributing to the problem of ice buildup.

The pressure relief port is faulty. Most walk-in freezers come equipped with a heated pressure relief port to alleviate pressure buildup due to the door being opened and warm air entering. If you can no longer open the freezer door with ease, this could indicate that this particular component has a problem that requires immediate assessment by a heating and air conditioning services technician.

The gasket has failed. Walk-in freezers that are near the end of their lifespan tend to have old or damaged gaskets keeping the doors closed. If this is the case, then the freezer is already allowing outside air to enter, increasing the potential for ice buildup.

Insulation issues. Long-term wear and tear can cause the walk-in freezer’s insulation panel to become saturated with water or ice. You know you have an ice buildup issue if water leaks from the panel when the equipment is turned off. In addition, the walk-in freezer may also use more energy than usual, resulting in increased utility costs.

Preventing ice buildup inside commercial walk-in freezers starts with regular inspections. Let the heating repair and refrigeration maintenance pros at A/C and Refrigeration help ensure your equipment stays in top shape year-round. Call (602) 488-7161 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.