4 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigerators

Sep 30, 2021 | HVAC

Compared with the standard home refrigerator, commercial refrigerators are larger and run at a cooler temperature. With commercial refrigeration, maintenance can be more tedious, as there are more sections. To help you properly maintain your commercial refrigerator, A/C and Refrigeration shares four common problems with commercial refrigerators to help you avoid them. 

Commercial Refrigerators

Power issues. One of the most common problems with commercial refrigerators is power issues. Power issues can be caused by such things as an unstable power source or faulty wiring. Businesses that depend on commercial refrigerators usually avoid power issues by making sure their refrigerator is plugged in properly. The power source of the outlet should always be on and made to where it can’t be turned off. The wiring should also be kept properly so it won’t be unplugged accidentally. In addition, it’s best to check the wiring regularly to avoid wiring and voltage problems.

Lighting issues. Lights in your commercial refrigerator should be efficient. This is a minor problem that can be very inconvenient. For lights, choose long-lasting LED bulbs that are verified by a trusted manufacturer. 

Ice in the drain pan. Commercial refrigeration maintenance will have you emptying a drain pan. You should check for ice in your drain pan, which is usually a sign of a clogged drain line. This can cause serious problems like overheating and water backing up into the unit. You should regularly check your drain line for any obstructions that can cause clogging.

Compressor. The compressor is one of the most important parts of your commercial refrigeration system. It should always work efficiently to keep your food and other items cold. It’s advised to clean and check your compressor every 90 days to avoid such problems. Keep your compressor clean of dirt, grease and oil build-up to maintain the coolness of your refrigerator.

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