What You Should Do If Your Heat Pump Gets Stuck in Cooling Mode

Sep 24, 2021 | HVAC

Having your heat pump stuck in cooling mode when cold air is not what you need can be stressful. When this happens, you’re advised to immediately address the problem by calling a trusted professional, but you can first check your heater for any visible problems. In this article, heating repair expert A/C and Refrigeration discusses what you should do if your heat pump is stuck in cooling mode.

Cooling Mode

Check for a broken reversing valve. A broken reversing valve can cause your heat pump to get stuck in a single mode. The reversing valve is an important component of your pump that switches the direction of the refrigerant. Fortunately, a broken reversing valve can be easily fixed by a trusted technician. Your hired technician will replace the broken valve with a new one. A reversing valve is a viable component, making it a quick fix. 

Check for a thermostat issue. If your reversing valve isn’t the problem, check your thermostat next. Faulty wiring in your thermostat can cause connection problems with the heat pump. Your heat system won’t start heating if there’s no prompt from your thermostat. You should hire a technician to fix the wiring of your thermostat to prevent a bad connection between your thermostat and the heat pump. For your heating installation and maintenance needs, make sure to only hire a licensed technician.

Check for refrigerant loss. In the event the air coming out in your vents isn’t cold or hot, your refrigerant might be the problem. The refrigerant in your heat pump is supposed to last its entire life. If your refrigerant does “run out”, leakage may be the problem. If this happens, you should immediately contact your technician. A refrigerant leak can cause irreparable damage to your heating system. 

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