Tips to Protect Your HVAC System & Home from Monsoon Rains

Aug 26, 2021 | HVAC

Arizona is currently approaching the end of monsoon season. In addition to high outdoor humidity levels, thunderstorms and dry storms featuring dust walls reaching up to a mile high are common during this season. These, unfortunately, can do a number on both your HVAC system and your home. As the trusted contractor for your commercial refrigeration and residential HVAC needs, we recommend following these tips to prevent them from being compromised by the effects of monsoon season.


Invest in a condensate overflow switch. As your cooling system works hard to provide consistent comfort, it’s constantly draining water. However, due to high humidity levels and the amount of wind-carried dirt and debris outdoors, the condensate drain lines can become clogged. If this issue isn’t addressed right away, your home may face major water damage issues. Worse, your system might suffer a malfunction, resulting in an unplanned repair. To avoid this, consider installing a condensate overflow switch, which is activated when the level of water in the condensate pan reaches a certain point. The switch then tells the AC unit to shut off, allowing the technician to locate and fix the leak to prevent further water damage.

Check your HVAC filters. Monsoon dust can get into your home and your HVAC filters. If you haven’t yet, check them to see if they’re already too dirty and need to be cleaned or replaced. Otherwise, the efficiency of your AC system will suffer. Not only that, but too much dust on your filters can impact your home’s indoor air quality.

Schedule a maintenance call. Even if nothing appears to be wrong with your unit, it would be wise to schedule an HVAC tune-up with a reliable contractor, especially after a storm passes. They can perform a thorough assessment of your cooling equipment, checking the filters, condenser and compressor. Having repairs performed before using the unit gives you peace of mind knowing your unit is working as efficiently as possible.

Is your HVAC system monsoon-ready? If not, contact A/C and Refrigeration today! We specialize in residential HVAC and commercial refrigeration maintenance. Our service agreements will help improve your unit’s efficiency and extend its lifespan, among other things. Give us a call at (602) 488-7161 or fill out our contact form to schedule a service appointment.