Reasons Your Wine Cooler Isn’t Cooling Properly

Aug 19, 2021 | refrigeration

Keeping your wine and spirits fresh requires the right temperatures. If the bottles feel warm to the touch, there could be a problem with the wine cooler. There are a number of possible reasons for this, but it’s important to first determine what type of wine cooler you have. A wine cooler that has a compressor works very much like a regular refrigerator. Another type utilizes thermoelectric power, which means it won’t provide enough cooling if the ambient room temperature is too high.

Wine cellar

In this blog, A/C and Refrigeration, your trusted contractor for your heating installation and refrigeration repair needs, lists the possible reasons your wine cooler isn’t maintaining the desired temperature.

The condenser fan isn’t running. The condenser fan is designed to cool down the condenser, coils and other components inside the wine cooler. If it isn’t working, the condenser and coil may overheat. Over time, the heat generated from the unit’s working parts will get transferred to the interior cabinet, warming up all the wine bottles inside.

The evaporator may be damaged. The evaporator pulls the air from the coils and cools down the interior cabinet of your wine cooler. If it 

doesn’t work properly, the unit won’t produce enough cool air, even if the condenser is functioning as it should. It also uses a fan, which can accumulate dust and debris and prevent the wine cooler from maintaining the right temperature. Get in touch with a refrigeration and heating repair technician right away to determine if the evaporator is indeed the problem.

Warmer temperatures inside the room. A thermoelectric wine cooler utilizes Peltier modules to conduct heat out of the cabinet. However, it has no refrigerant system because it relies solely on the ambient temperature within the room. If it’s too hot, expect a not-so-cool interior cabinet when you open the door of your wine cooler. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your appliance is defective. Consider moving it to the cooler room, and on hotter days, think about keeping the air conditioner on to allow the wine cooler to work more efficiently.

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